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Well we made love like a pair of black wizards

Giaco F.
28 August 1986
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We are the biographies of nothing, kind of.
We aren't the biographies for website numeral logic,
we're the biographies of maps that hate themselves.
We are maps that hate themselves.
99 problems, abstract art, acid snow, adobe photoshop, always sunny in philadelphia, backflips, banzai, battle royale, belle and sebastian, black and white photography, bottlerocket, boulder colorado, bright eyes, cat's cradle, charlie brown, charlie kaufman, charlie's hamburgers, cordeilla, counting crows, creating, crosseyed and painless, dan deacon, david eggers, david sedaris, death cab for cutie, dennis kucinich, dreaming, f. scott fitzgerald, falling, fathead, fez, filmmaking, five iron frenzy, found magazine, found music, found objects, found photos, frank o'hara, franklin goes to court, further seems forever, gary soto, genuis of love, german, girls with glasses, glasses, grandaddy, green tea, grits, hamlet, happy endings, hot hot heat, i zimbra, idealistic love, jafar, japanese game shows, jay-zeezer, john berryman, john donne, john reuben, kanye west, king demonizer rides again, koch, kurt vonnegut, lewis carrol, lost in translation, lovesac, matthew barney, mewithoutyou, modern art, modern sculpture, morrocan food, mos def, mr. jones, mst3k, mystery science theater 3000, napoleon dynamite, ninties alternative rock, norma jean, of montreal, pearl street, photocopy art, photography, photos, photoshop, polyphonic spree, progressive animation, quizilla, real ultimate power, resolution, round here, rushmore, schurtz, screenwriting, scribbles, scripts, shakespeare, sleeping, snoopy, spalding gray, strangers with candy, sushi, t.s. eliot, taking back sunday, talking heads, the corrections, the flaming lips, the gray album, the great gatsby, the jake furino experience, the juliana theory, the o.c. supertones, the polyphonic spree, the royal tenenbaums, the tragically hip, the voidoid, the warehaus, the who, thinking, thursday, tighty whities, tina majorino, tom tom club, twothirtyeight, underground hip hop, university of the arts, upright citizens brigade, wes anderson, wishing, writing, ygmcb, you